Lumma releases teaser of CLR X650 BMW X6

Opinions about the BMW X6 are split around the Autoblog virtual water cooler and this teaser from Lumma Design hasn't helped. The German tuning haus will be unveiling a production model of its CLR X 650 at the Paris Motor Show later this year, and much like the standard X6, you'll either love it or loathe it.

What isn't up for debate is the CLR X 650's aggressive demeanor. If the nuclear mishap hue isn't enough to catch your attention, then the new fascia equipped with super-sized air dams, the side skirts, rear fender vents and revised mirrors will keep your wandering eyes in check. The whole package is slammed by 40mm over a set of 23-inch bespoke black rolling stock, while the interior is expected to get a color-matched instrument panel, aluminum pedals and a new steering wheel.

Even those of us partial to the X6's proportions aren't convinced that Lumma is doing the SAV concept right. But we have to admit that its revised stance compliments a few of the pseudo-'utes characteristics, even if it does remove the minimal amount of utility that was there to begin with.

[Source: Lumma via Autofiends]

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