Yamaha files patent for Enduro bike with CVT transmission

Yamaha recently filed a patent in the United States for an enduro motorcycle with a continuously variable transmission. The CVT, as it's better known, is one of the most efficient means of transferring power in an automobile application. Yamaha, as well as nearly every other manufacturer of modern scooters, already uses simple CVT transmissions in its line of small-bore scooters, but the gearless transmissions have yet to make an appearance for off-road applications. While the inherent efficiency of the design is one reason we are interested, we also imagine that the single cylinder engine design used by nearly every off-road motorcycle would be well suited to the CVT's strengths. New riders would likely appreciate the ease at which the machine would operate, as no gear lever or traditional handlebar-mounted clutch lever would be necessary to access the smooth and steady acceleration. While durability could be a potential concern, we're looking forward to seeing what the tuning fork company is able to work up.
[Source: Gizmag]

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