One of the more useful bits of technology we encountered at the Chrysler What's New for 2009 event last week was "Rear Cross Path Detection," a byproduct of the new blind spot monitoring system on 2009 minivans that employs two radar sensors mounted on the corners of the rear bumper. Blind spot monitoring has become increasingly common on luxury vehicles in recent years, but Chrysler is claiming that the 2009 Caravan and Town & Country are the first minivans to be equipped with the technology.

If you've found yourself in a parking space flanked by two mondo SUVs, you've found it difficult, if not damn near impossible, to back out safely, and all too often drivers trolling parking lots are too busy looking for an empty slot to pay attention to cars backing out. When in reverse, the cross path detection uses the radar sensors to look to the sides for oncoming vehicles. If someone is in your path of travel the system audibly warns you of impending disaster. Check out the videos after the jump to see how both systems work.

[Source: Chrysler]

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