Isle of Man to run a clean emissions Grand Prix race next year

Although this year's Isle of Man TT races have recently come to an end, many are already looking forward to next year's event. In 2009, for the first time ever, the normal races will be run alongside the world's first "clean emissions grand prix." The event organizers hope to prove that "being green does not mean being slow." Any vehicle which is perceived as being green, either by being powered by electrons or by carbon neutral fuels, is encouraged to enter to race on the 101 year-old racing circuit. Both two and three-wheeled vehicles are said to be allowable.

According to Environment Minister John Shimmin, "The Isle of Man has a great tradition in both racing and technological innovation. Combining the world's greatest road racing circuit with state-of-the-art clean emission technologies brings yet another fantastic first for the Island." Current plans call for three one lap races on Senior Race Day. That would mean that the green races would be held after the official TT race has concluded.

[Source: TTXGP]

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