British Motor Show Preview: Ford Fiesta Econetic, 62mpg, 98g/km CO2

Ford is expected to take advantage of this month's British Motor Show in London to debut an ECOnetic version of the new Fiesta sub-compact. ECOnetic is Ford's branding for special low CO 2 versions of its different vehicles. In the case of the Fiesta ECOnetic, that means a 1.6L TDCi turbodiesel under the hood cranking out 89hp. Helping the Fiesta minimize its fuel consumption and hence CO 2 emissions will be a modified low-drag nose, side skirts, rear spoiler and wheels. Most of the grille will be closed off to push air around the car rather than through the engine compartment. The final drive ratio has been changed to lower the engine revs when cruising as well. The 2009 Fiestas, like their Mazda2 siblings, are lighter than the models that they replace. All of this adds up to 62.5mpg (U.S.) combined from the new model and CO 2 emissions of 98g/km. That CO 2 number is low enough to exempt the Fiesta ECOnetic from British road taxes and London Congestion Charges.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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