Nissan bringing tuned R35 GT-R to Tokachi 24-hour race

Nissan's motorsports arm, NISMO, will bring a race-prepared GT-R to the Tokachi 24-hour race on July 20th and 21st equipped with NISMO tuning parts that will be available to consumers later this summer. The car is being prepped by both NISMO and MOTUL, the Japanese French specialty oil manufacturer, and the modified GT-R will benefit from a special blend of the brand's high-performance oil.

The GT-R won't be packing additional ponies, with power still pegged at 480 PS (473 hp) and 434 lb.-ft. of torque. However, the curb weight of the racer has dropped from over 3,800 pounds to 3,527 pounds. Masami Kageyama (former Formula Nippon racer and SuperGT pilot) and Tetsuya Tanaka (2008 Super GT GT300 driver) will be handling the tuned GT-R around the track at Tokachi.

The team's director, Taro Kumagai, points out that this is the first time a production-based GT-R has been raced, and that the aim of the campaign "is to complete the race distance, testing both the performance and reliability of the car." There's no word yet on what performance parts will be released and whether they'll find their way into NISMO-certified dealers in the U.S. We'll let you know.

[Source: NISMO via GTR-World]

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