Aston Martin suits up a Kilgour V8 Vantage for Paris fashion show

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Supercars and high fashion go together like super models and getting high, so for its first ever fashion show in Paris, bespoke tailor Kilgour of Savile Row has presented its spring/summer collection alongside a bespoke Aston Martin V8 Vantage coupe. The haute couture Aston is dipped in a one-off Morning Forst Satin paint described as having the texture of fine silk, which would be quite a feat if true since metal usually feels nothing like fabric. The interior is also done up in Kilgour Midnight Blue with polka-dotted seat inserts. Apparently circles are Kilgour's trademark shape, hence the gaudy pattern on the seats. We don't understand high fashion very much, like why people care about apparel that's completely impractical and overpriced, but we suppose some could say the same thing about the cars we like. For instance, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Well, those people just don't understand.

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Friday 27 June 2008: Sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin, and bespoke tailor, Kilgour of Savile Row, teamed up at a unique event yesterday at the BETC Photographic Studio in Paris.

At Kilgour's first-ever fashion show in Paris presenting its spring/summer collection, Aston Martin created its very own haute couture bespoke V8 Vantage Coupe for the occasion, inspired by the latest creations.

The special V8 Vantage was finished in a unique Morning Frost Satin paint, with the texture of fine silk. The interior is influenced by Kilgour's latest collection and finished in Kilgour Midnight Blue, with the seat-inserts adorned with a polka-dot effect.

Aston Martin and Kilgour both build on long traditions of highest quality craftsmanship and design and attract clients from all over the world with their tailor-made and cutting-edge innovations. The fashion show in Paris offered a unique opportunity to view the latest creations of two extraordinary brands. The new collection and the V8 Vantage were appreciated by 250 invited VIP and media guests.

Kilgour's collection focuses on patterns incorporating spots and stripes with a single circle featured on most garments, including the modern tailored overcoats. White denim suits embroidered with navy-blue micro-spots give the collection a distinctive lightness. The circle features in the whole collection and also on the graphics and logo. Fabrics include spotted printed cottons and navy-blue micro-spotted silks.

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