France to go back to the road tax disk

I remember French cars used to have two stickers on the windshield: one was for the insurance certificate (something they still have to display today) and the other one was the road tax. The latter has since been phased out, but it seems that it's making a comeback. The reason? The Bonus/Malus system that will offer purchase tax savings if your new car has low enough CO2 emission levels. The trouble is that this plan is costing France a lot of money -- about €200 million per year. Therefore, the French government is thinking about taxing very polluting cars on a yearly basis. The system, which would be similar to the UK's Road Tax bands, would use the Euro norm to determine a vehicle's duty, based on its CO2 emission levels. The latter were only made mandatory in the car's documentation starting in 2004, which opens big questions as to how the system will be deployed on older cars. Thanks to Dominique for the tip!
[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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