Canadian 50-liter challenge finds the most efficient compact

Back in 2005, when gasoline cost $1 Canadian per liter and it was already considered expensive, Canadian Driver inaugurated the 50-liter challenge. This event highlights the fuel-saving benefits of driving a compact car, and tries to promote an efficient driving style. But why choose 50 liters (13.21 gallons U. S.)? Even though 50 liters isn't a complete fill-up, most of the cars in the test have a 50-liter tank and this amount would give a fair level of comparison between the contestants.

Canadians are buying gasoline at $1.50 per liter (Canadian) and the challenge, which included fuel saving techniques, seems more useful today than ever before. The theme - "Drive a fuel efficient car fuel efficiently, and save money at the pump" - seems right. Lucky for Americans, most of these models are also sold stateside.

The test route consisted of a combination of main and secondary highways, mainly flat roads with very heavy traffic in the morning, changing to fairly steep hills and remote forested areas in the afternoon. Skies were mostly grey, but the temperature was 24 ÂșC and rather humid. All calculations were done with GPS. The test also included a Ford Escape Hybrid as support vehicle and the organizers purchased carbon credits to offset the emissions.

The winner? Find the results after the jump.

[Source: Canadian Driver]

The car that went the furthest on 50-liters of fuel in the Canadian Driver 2008 50-litre Challenge was the 2009 Toyota Corolla, followed very closely by the 2008 Honda Civic. Third place went to the Pontiac Vibe. None of the vehicles consumed over 8.0 l/100km (got worse than 29 mpg). Thanks to Dick for the tip!

Kilometers (miles) L/100 km (mpg)
Toyota Corolla 1017 (632)
4.9 (48)
Honda Civic 947 (588)
5.3 (44)
Pontiac Vibe 854 (531)
5.9 (40)
Hyundai Elantra 812 (505)
6.2 (38)
Mazda3 784 (487)
6.4 (37)
Pontiac G5 755 (469)
6.6 (36)
Mitsubishi Lancer 754 (468)
6.6 (36)
Kia Spectra 742 (461)
6.7 (35)
Ford Focus 742 (461)
6.7 (35)
Nissan Sentra 717 (446)
7.0 (34)
Volkswagen City Golf 670 (416)
7.5 (31)
Dodge Caliber 653 (406)
7.7 (31)
Suzuki SX4 637 (396)
7.9 (30)

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