Romeo 605 blown 5.4L crate engine appears in Ford Racing catalog

Ford Racing has added a new toy to the catalog, the Romeo 605 crate engine. As the name implies this one is built at Ford's Romeo MI engine plant alongside the the other 5.4L supercharged V8s used in the Mustang GT500. This fully dressed crate engine forms the basis of the Shelby Super Snake and the upcoming limited run Cobra Jet drag car. In its current form the engine puts out 605hp thanks to the installation of a new supercharger.
The supercharger is an Eaton 2.3L unit for four lobe rotors. The rotors have 160 degrees of twist. If those specs sound vaguely familiar, that because it matches the unit GM is installing on the LS9 engine for the ZR1 Corvette. This one is of course not street legal and is intended for off-road use. At 605hp and 550lb-ft, Ford claims this is the most powerful off the shelf modular motor yet. At a list price of $18,150 it may also be the most expensive running almost the same price as a base V6 Mustang. Thanks to Paul for the tip!

[Source: Ford Racing]

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