Teddy bear nav system points way home

Most of us don't like to be yelled at while driving, but a company called IXs Rearch is betting that there must be some people out there who want a suitable replacement for the nagging spouse when they're in the car alone. The tech company has developed a high-tech teddy bear that can do everything from spout directions to yelling "Watch Out!" when you brake too fast. The "Navi-Bear" is packed with technologies that can help drivers stay safe and get from point A to point B without fuss. The robotic bear has sensors that can detect alcohol on the driver's breath, can tell you when you need to turn on your headlights, and use its robotic arm to point in the direction you're supposed to turn. If this annoying little gadget is just what you're looking for, except you're scared of stuffed animals, IXs Research is also working with other forms besides lovable bears, too. Somehow we doubt there will be a Megan Fox navigation assistant coming any time soon.
Do robotic co-pilots have a place on American roads? We hope not, but they're only a few months from being sold in Japan, and if they're a hit there, then there's a good chance they'll end up here, too. We'll be armed and ready if that ever happens.

[Source: Wired]

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