Pics Aplenty: Meet the Alfa Romeo Mi.To

Click above for high-res gallery of the Alfa Romeo Mi.To

Though Alfa Romeo unveiled the Mi.To back in March, we've only had a few images at which to stare in disbelief over how there's a part of the world that produces small cars this beautiful. Not so anymore, as Alfa has released over 40 new high-res images of the Mi.To today. Named after the place in which it was designed (Milan) and the place in which it will be built (Turin), the Mi.To is basically a Fiat Grande Punto wrapped in a skin that was inspired by the luscious 8C Competizione. As such, Alfa included a number of images in the gallery below of the two cars side by side so you can see how much supercar DNA was stuffed into the Mi.To's design. The three-door hatch will be available with three engines, including an anemic 78-hp 1.4L, a more potent 155-hp turbo 1.4L and a 120-hp 1.6L JTDM turbo-diesel. All engines will be paired with the proper transmission for small car fun: a six-speed manual. Check out all the pics in the gallery below and hope beyond hope that one day the Mi.To lands on our shores to take the premium small-car crown away from the MINI Cooper.

[Source: Alfa Romeo, Carscoop]

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