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Another Tesla spotted on its way to its new home

Over at the Tesla Motors Club, one of the posters put a couple of photos of a silver Tesla Roadster on the back of a flatbed truck in the Windy City. I checked with Tesla and they confirmed that this car is in fact P4, the fourth production model. This is the same car that had been temporarily used as a marketing car in Europe and was seen in Monaco and Cannes. It has now arrived in the States and is on its way to its owner who happens to be a Tesla board member that lives in Chicago. You might now be saying to yourself: "that's at least three cars that have been delivered and still no car for Martin Eberhard. What gives?" Stay tuned for news on that front. We'll have something for you very soon.

[Source: TeslaMotorsClub, thanks to Doug for the tip]
Photo by Stuart Horner.

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