Rendered Speculation: 2010 Bentley Arnage going Continental? Nope

The next Bentley Arnage is due in 2010, and thank heavens it won't be a biggie-sized clone of the Continental Flying Spur. That means we don't expect it to look so much like the rendering above, which is 75-percent Flying Spur with a GT tail. A bit long-in-the-tooth by modern replacement standards, the Arnage still sells about 600 - 800 units per year, which is not far behind the much newer Rolls-Royce Phantom.
The next Arnage will take advantage of Audi's spaceframe technology, which will ultimately be utilized by every car in the range. With a 150-kg-plus drop in the car's weight, your gas mileage should improve to a number you still won't care about if you can afford a Bentley.

Engine choices will remain in the all-gasoline family. Bentley says that there simply isn't demand for a diesel in one of its cars, and it's not going to put one out there to try and stimulate it. It might -- and we stress, might -- however, be looking for something to do with the quad-turbo W16 from the Veyron, and that could make for a very interesting Bentley indeed.

[Source: Autocar]

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