Looking for cheap gas? Head to Mexico, amigo!

In San Diego, drivers are paying an average of $4.61 a gallon for the cheap stuff. And like the rest of the country, most of them aren't too happy about it.
But a 17-mile drive south will save them more than a $2 per gallon. Gas war? Some radio station's wacky promotional stunt? No, Mexican government subsidies that allow filling stations to sell gas for as little as $2.54 a gallon, even less if you have a pocket full of pesos.

Diesel burners have an even greater incentive to make the drive. Diesel prices in San Diego average $5.04. In Tijuana? Only $2.20.

Downside? Of course! Even if you live near enough to the Mexican border, the wait coming back into the States is supposedly terrible, sometimes as long as a two hours. Leave your HUMMER idling that long, and you'll be filling up in Chula Vista.

[Source: The Associated Press via Placeropolis]

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