That didn't take long - supercharged Challenger SRT8 hits the dyno

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Whenever a new performance vehicle makes it into the hands of eager customers, a run to the dyno never seems to be far behind. This has again proven to be the case with the new Dodge Challenger, as a company known as Speedfactory has just done the deed on its new steed. What sets this particular vehicle and its dyno numbers apart from other SRT8s, though, is its Vortech supercharger. Considering that the 6.1 liter HEMI V8 under the Challenger's long, scooped hood is the same one available these last few years in other SRT-branded eight-cylinder vehicles, we're not too surprised to see that the system is pretty mature and posts rather good horsepower and torque numbers right out of the gate.

Coming in at about 495 horses at the rear tires, Speedfactory surmises that its Challenger is making around six hundred ponies at the crank. If owners of the GT500 weren't concerned with the Challenger's performance numbers before, perhaps the addition of a supercharger to the HEMI will bring it more in line with the numbers coming from the Shelby's force-fed mill. Folks, it's muscle car time again, let the games begin!

[Source: LX Forums]

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