Sigh. Hybrid lies continue to spread

At this point, it seems certain that the old Prius versus Hummer "debate" is never going to die. Despite being proven false, the study continues to pop up every now and then as forum fodder or as ammunition for hybrid-haters all over the globe. It's alright if you don't like hybrids, but real factual data would be much preferable to lies and misconceptions of the truth. The most recent evidence of hybrid-hating comes from an article contained in the latest Autowritiers Newsletter and is penned by Bill Maloney, who cites the oft-debunked CNW Marketing study we mentioned earlier.

A bit of truth rings out from Moloney's column regarding some hybrid purchasers, as some Prius owners admit to basing their buying decisions out of a desire to appear green. It has been argued, and may in fact be true, that many consumers chose the Prius over another hybrid model due to the fact that it is readily recognized as a green choice. Still, to suggest that all hybrids are purchased solely to make a statement is ludicrous, as it is the savings in gasoline that prompt the vast majority of fuel-sipping choices.

[Source: Newsletter]

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