British fuel demand down 20% due to high prices

If you think we've got it bad here when it comes to fuel prices, our friends in Europe have it far worse. Gasoline is now $8.75/gallon in the UK and it is having a real impact on people's behavior. In a report from the International Energy Agency, it appears that British drivers are taking the high prices to heart and seeking alternatives. Gas station operators in the UK have reported a 20 percent drop in sales over the past year. With fuel costs making it impractical to run their vehicles, more commuters are hitting the buses and trains than ever before.
Fortunately, people in the UK and the rest of Europe generally have public transportation as a viable option. Here in the U.Sdf. unless you live in a major city like New York or Chicago, mass transit is of limited use. For all of the millions of Americans who live in the 'burbs, there often is no option but to drive. And while recommending that people move closer to where they work might have been an option a year ago, the collapse of the real estate bubble in most of the country means that moving is usually out the question too.

[Source: Daily Telegraph]

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