The world doesn't need a tire-smoking, burnout machine, but it's got one

Sometimes you have reasons to explain things, sometimes you have excuses. And sometimes you simply have the word: "art." Why did Canadian Steven Laurie create the posi-track burnout machine? Because it's art. Somehow. What is it? It's a contraption with a small engine atop an axle, all of which is restrained by a "driver." The engine revs and the wheels spin, but with the driver holding things back, they don't go far and they leave long trails of rubber.

But this isn't dragstrip heaven. As you might imagine, with human power in charge of the proceedings, this isn't a 400-hp affair -- it goes pretty slowly, in other words. The track you see in the picture above took a few minutes to make. Nevertheless, it is something. If slow motion burnouts aren't your thing, you can check out his donut machine, boom tube, or his chainsaw with a tailpipe. Oh, Canada, indeed. Follow the jump to check out the video. Thanks for the tip, Eliot!

[Source: Hack A Day]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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