Party at the 'Ring and somebody forgot to clean up

Since we're certain there wasn't an Autoblog function at the 'Ring this weekend, we haven't the foggiest what went on. Obsessive checking of the Nurburgring webcam yesterday did show that some kind of debauchery took place. Der Party left behind a whole lot of waste, rotting gently in the bucolic sunshine. Hopping on yesterday, we were expecting to see a barely discernible image of something rare or secret and undoubtedly super cool, but we're a little disappointed that all we got were pictures reminiscent of the aftermath of a raucous birthday party, pinata and all. A quick trip to doesn't show anything on the event schedule, either. Maybe Lemmy came down for a private party? What do you think? Thanks for the tip, Nick and Anthony!

The trash has now been cleaned up, but was there all day Monday. It turns out we weren't far off with our Lemmy idea - the event was Rock-Am-Ring, a huge rock festival held annually at the Green Hell.

[Source: Nurburgring Webcam]

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