Nissan to showcase clean diesel X-Trail at G8 Summit

The latest Japanese automaker to announce their intent to participate in the Environmental Showcase that will be taking place in Hokkaido, Japan in conjunction with the G8 summit in July. Environmental and energy issues are expected to be the main topic of discussion at the meeting. Nissan will be demonstrating the first of its new clean diesel vehicles. The X-Trail diesel will use a new four cylinder turbo diesel co-developed with French partner Renault. As with most other new diesels the M9R uses a high pressure (1,600BAR) common rail injection system with piezo-electric injectors. The exhaust after-treatment system consists of a lean NOx trap and diesel particulate filter. The X-Trail diesel launches in September of this year and will meet the new Japanese emissions standards that go into effect in October 2009. The X-Trail has never been offered in North America and Nissan has not indicated whether they will use the engine in the U.S. market in addition to the diesel V6 coming to the Maxima in 2010.
[Source: Nissan]

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