Aston Martin may go public in three years

Since Ford sold it over a year ago, rumors have been flying around regarding a possible re-sale of Aston Martin by its current owners or a large purchase of shares by Mercedes-Benz. While all of these rumors have been denied, a public offering of the historic British brand has been mentioned in the past and is indeed likely. Aston's current chairman David Richards has again alluded to this option, saying that he'd like the company to go public sometime within the next three years. If you long for the opportunity to do your best James Bond impression in an Aston, but couldn't hope to afford one any time soon, perhaps a chance at owning a piece of the company itself would be a fair alternative.
An initial offering on the London Stock Exchange could net £500 million for expansion of the storied British marque. Anything that would allow Aston Martin to continue offering its range of drop-dead beautiful cars is fine by us.

[Source: AM Online]

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