Add a roof to your sportbike with Rocketshields

An all-weather motorcycle may already exist, depending on just how hardcore you tend to be. For the rest of us, though, rain and cold temperatures conspire to keep us on four wheels and using much more fuel than we normally use on our two-wheeled mounts. For this reason, the windshield is an important consideration when shopping for a motorcycle or scooter for commuting and some bikes, usually the sportiest models, quickly fall out of contention.
A new option comes by way of Rocketshields for those who would be interested in riding a sportbike while keeping the option of wind-free commuting available. At this time, these removable shields and roofs are being custom constructed from fiberglass. Soon, though, the company plans to produce its products in plastic and offer them for sale as a much less expensive option. The device is totally removable and leaves the bike ready for the next track session once removed. For those who worry about being laughed at, we'd recommend getting a cheap car, as the Rocketshield looks a bit ridiculous. There are some who choose to always travel on two wheels, and for them, this product may offer some comfort. We do wonder, though, if windshield wipers would be a good addition. So far, we have no word on projected pricing or availability.

[Source: Rocketshields via The Kneeslider]

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