Pics Aplenty: 2009 Cadillac XLR and XLR-V

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While Cadillac released information on the freshened XLR roadster last week, all we had to look at was a single photo. Well, now we can see the rest of it. has gotten hold of several more shots of the halo Caddy in both the standard Platinum trim and in rodded-up V-Series form (above). We were most curious to see the updated interior, but one look is all it takes to see that it's fundamentally unchanged. The gauges simply trade their rounder, Bulgari-designed numerals for a look that's in keeping with what you'll find in other Caddys. The steering wheel is also switched out, and the XLR gets the same unit you'll find in the current CTS. Everything else? It's pretty much the same -- nice, but not done up to the level of the less expensive CTS. For that, we'll have to wait for the next XLR, assuming there is a next XLR.

We already covered the new grille for the base car in our earlier post, as well as the new side vents. The V-Series, however, retains the mesh look in front, as expected. Out back, the XLR Platinum gets a pair of cartoonishly-wide exhaust outlets that appear to be part of the rear bumper cover. The V soldiers on with its Vette-like quad pipes. The XLR is a nice car that turns heads, and the V-Series absolutely hauls ass and sounds great doing it. But $100K (for the V) is a lot to ask for any Cadillac, especially one that still hosts an interior that, while attractive, doesn't meet the high design standard set by the entry-level CTS.

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