Spy Shots: 2009 Ford Ka spotted outside Polish factory

Ford's upcoming baby, the Ka, won't be making its public debut until October's Paris Motor Show, but it seems to be turning up all over the place these days. The latest sighting of a new Ka was outside of the Tychy, Poland factory where the Ka and its platform mate the Fiat 500 are built. This latest batch of photos shows the Ka wearing nothing but duct tape. Perhaps now that F-150 sales are in free-fall and the decision has been made to offer American consumers the option of the Fiesta hatchback, the Dearborn product planners will see fit to offer us the Ka as well. The powertrain options in the Ka should be more palatable to most Americans than the engine in the Smart ForTwo - and the Ka at least has a back seat. Come on Ford, bring us the Ka.
[Source: World Car Fans]

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