Clarion releases new 3D portable navigation system for the UK

Turning up the portable GPS wars a notch or two, Clarion has introduced two new navigation devices that render buildings, landmarks, and elevation changes in three-dimensions. This is a boon to those who prefer a more graphical and realistic display of information as buildings appear in correct scale and perspective in relation to each other. To prevent tall buildings in 3D from blocking the driver's view of rendered roads, the device draws them transparently. It sounds a bit confusing, but judging by the screen shots, the format seems to work well. If the driver wants more overhead detail, or topographical information, the unit also has the capability to switch back to a more traditional 2D view.

The innovative 3D view is currently available on the MAP680 and MAP780, each with a 4.3" wide-screen touch-sensitive LCD, Bluetooth, and the ability to display SMS messages on screen when paired to a phone or PDA. Both models are for Europe only -- no word on when we'll see them on this side of the pond.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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