Nereus, a kite-powered, submersible water concept

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The idea of using wind power on the water is anything but new. These days, though, sails have taken a back seat to kites as the primary method of capturing the wind. Here is a new concept, though, that we've yet to see: a kite-powered submersible water craft. Called the Nereus, this concept is meant for adrenaline junkies, not really as a primary source of transportation. Still, it sure does look like fun. Steering is accomplished with the footrests, which are attached to the rear rudder. The vehicle is intended to run both on top of the water and submersed in it. Once a good head of steam is generated, the rider pushes down on the handles which are attached to front-mounted fins, which force the machine underwater. No action is needed to ascend back to the surface, as the combined pull of the kite and the design of the vessel itself take care of that little problem for you.

[Source: Behance Network via Gizmodo]

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