2009 Ford Mustang production estimated at just 45,000 units

What's this? News about less Mustangs? Mustang guru Brad Barnett has learned that Mustang marketing manager Fritz Wilke estimates only 45,000 Mustangs will be produced for the 2009 model year. We don't know if the 45 is symbolic of the 45th anniversary of Ford's pony car, but it's significantly less than any other year the Mustang has been produced. In fact, it's only about half that of the 79,280 Mustangs produced in 1992, the current lowest tally, and far below the 134,626 'Stangs sold last year. We can see it now... Ford dealers marking up the rare 2009 Mustang. The most likely situation is that dealers will have trouble selling the remaining Mustangs as customers wait for the updated model in 2010, hopefully with a 5.0-liter V8.

Thanks for the tip, Brad!

[Source: TheMustangSource.com]

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