Who said 130? 120? The EU could ask automakers go down to 95 g/km

The Slovenian rotating president of the EU (commemorative logo pictured above) has proposed a new, very low figure for average fleet CO2 emissions. Instead of going modest and demanding automakers lower their average to 130 g/km by 2012, which is the current proposal, the Slovenian president has announced that automakers could go for a stricter limit of 95 g/km by 2020. This would counteract some automakers' statements saying that 2012 models were already being designed and it was too late to make them that efficient. So far, the 27 EU country members are divided. Some countries support their auto industry and have asked for a 130 g/km limit by 2015 while others would prefer tougher limits to be enforced. There are also severe discrepancies on how fines should be applied. We will stay tuned to see if they reach an agreement any time soon.

[Source: Europa Press]

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