Citron launches natural gas-powered C3

Citroën has decided to adapt the middle model of the C3 lineup to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). The CNG version manages to reduce by 18 percent the amount of CO 2 produced by km compared to the 1.4l gasoline engined C3. Specifically, the C3 produces 159 g/km when running on unleaded and just 119 g/km when running on CNG. The C3 has 75 HP (68 running on CNG) and still manages to make 36 mpg (U.S.) on the EU mixed cycle when running on unleaded. A fully-equipped C3 costs about €16,000 in France, where only 50 CNG stations exist. The target market here is clearly Germany.

[Source: Citroën via Leblogauto]

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