Women more interested in your Prius than your Porsche

Gentlemen, take note. According to a national survey conducted by Challenge X, an environmental organization sponsored by General Motors and the U.S. Department of Energy, if women are forced to discuss cars, they'd rather hear about your green machine than your pony car.

The survey was an attempt to track consumer's interest in hybrids and other alternatively fueled vehicles and the results contend that in the face of $4-a-gallon gas, tastes and opinions are changing. Of the people polled, 80-percent responded that they'd rather discuss the latest fuel-efficient vehicle over the newest sports car and that four out of ten people believe that it's becoming a faux pas to drive something the sucks gas. Even more alarming is that almost nine out of ten women would rather hear about a man's fuel-efficient transport rather than his sporty GT, and that if a reality show is created documenting the design of the most attractive fuel-efficient vehicle, something akin to Project Runway, they'd watch it.

The survey also revealed that 86-percent of American car buyers believe that domestic automakers have a long way to go with innovative offerings and that 97-percent of the public thinks that the U.S. should harness the collective imagination of the youth to bring about a change in mass transport.

[Source: Challenge X]

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