Spotted in the wild: 1968 Lamborghini Islero

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For a car fan it's always cool to be wandering around somewhere and stumble across an extremely rare automobile. That's especially when it's out on the road in a most unlikely of locales. My wife and I took a little road trip this weekend in the new Saab Turbo X (you'll be hearing more about that soon!) to Yellow Springs, Ohio. For those unfamiliar with Yellow Springs, it's a small town northeast of Dayton that is home to Antioch College and Dave Chappelle. As we were walking to get some dinner, I noticed a very red coupe with an extraordinarily long hood. It looked vaguely familiar, but I knew I had never seen one in the metal before. I grabbed my camera and started shooting away. It turns out the car was a GT known as the Lamborghini Islero. Isleros were built in 1968 and 69 following the end of the 400GT run and preceding the Jarama. Unfortunately for Lamborghini, the rather sedately-styled Islero didn't have the flash of the gorgeous Miura that debuted in 1969 and it never sold in large numbers. According to Lamborghini, only 225 were built including 70 "S" models in 1969 with slight body changes and a more luxurious interior. The Islero was propelled by Lamborghini's 4.0L 350hp V12. If the owner of this car sees this post please get in touch and share the story of your car.

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