Lithuanian foam sculptor does BMWs too

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Whether or not the foam-skinned car based on a Mercedes-Benz got your motor going yesterday, you have to give the artist credit for painstakingly completing not one, but two of these polyurethane-plated projects. Thanks to a reader's tip, we found this BMW 6 Series-based interpretation wearing the same brilliant red paint, flashy 30-inch dubs, and dual triangulated exhaust tips.

While the sculptor has kept much of the Bangle-butt intact, the overall aesthetics on this execution are much more pleasing to the eye. A glance inside indicates this attempt isn't as thorough as the other (the interior appears merely painted, not sculpted). However, as witnessed by the junk in the door-mounted map pocket, this one is getting some use on the streets too. Thanks for the tip Tarakonaz!


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