Twisted Trikes builds an Unidentified Driving Object

Click above for more shots of the Twisted Trike prototype.

What happens when you take the back half of a Honda literbike and mate it to the front half of a race car? According to Twisted Trikes, you end up with an Unidentified Driving Object. Still only a prototype at this stage, the Future Plans section of the website just says coming soon. Sure, this thing does defy classification, but we'll let that slide considering its laudable power-to-weight ratio, which nearly matches that of the original Honda CBR that the engine, transmission and rear swingarm were yanked from. We suspect that the ground-hugging machine is quite the handler as well, with its rack and pinion steering, coil-over shocks and wide, sticky tires all around. Because this machine has three wheels, it is classified as a motorcycle in most any state, so it doesn't need to meet automobile safety regulations. Regardless, we spot a roll bar to go along with the racing harness and form-fitting seat. Unidentified? Perhaps. Insanely fun? Definitely.

[Source: Twisted Trikes via The Kneeslider]

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