Spy Shots: Pontiac G6 gets minor nose job

Click above for high-res gallery of refreshed Pontiac G6 spy shots

The Pontiac G6 is one of those alright-looking cars that isn't begging for a total redesign, so General Motors is planning a mid-cycle refreshening of the car's nose instead. The updated design was recently photographed by spies, actual spies, around Detroit, and the changes to the G6 schnoz are clear. Pontiac designers will be adding some creases to the new front end giving it some angularity that's lacking on the current model, while the twin air intakes of the current car that mirror the grille shape will be replaced with one central lower air intake flanked by two smaller ones and requisite fog lamps. There may be some tweaks to the rear taillamps as well, but we're told those will be minor. Thankfully, the 2009 G6 comes available with GM's new six-speed transmission for the first time, making the overall package much more enticing. Some minor plastic surgery should only sweeten the deal for this very competent car in Pontiac's lineup.

[Source: KGP Photography]

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