Dodge Challengers headed to the crusher

Click above for more shots of new Challengers awaiting the crusher

Tons of used-up vehicles are sent to the great junkyard in the sky every day courtesy of huge hydraulic crushers. We collectively shed a tear whenever a desirable old classic meets its maker before some enterprising soul is able to save it from this unfortunate fate. All of the Mopar fans waiting patiently in line for a new Dodge Challenger may want to look away for a moment, though, as we have pictures of quite a few new Challengers headed for a horrible flattening. These vehicles are either preproduction models, test mules or cars with some sort of major defect that could not be rectified. So, to the boneyard they go.

Despite the fact that this happens every single day to less interesting cars, seeing photographic evidence of a desirable model such as the new Challenger being pancaked makes us wonder if there isn't something else that these vehicles could be used for. We'd gladly take a shell or two off their hands... perhaps make a desk out of the front clip, a couch out of the back seat... you get the idea.

[Source: via Car Domain]

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