SPOILER ALERT: Top Gear's big race in Japan revealed

Grassroots support for Jeremy Clarkson to take the reigns as Prime Minister has been covered before, but the Top Gear presenter admits that he'd be a "rubbish" leader. During a speaking engagement in the UK, Jezza waxed about his life on Top Gear, his co-presenters, Hammond's crash and his opinions about the increased amount of government involvement in citizen's lives. Typical Clarkson fare.

But then he confirmed what many of us had guessed: the next season of Top Gear will feature a race in Japan against a Bullet train. While he didn't say what vehicle was pitted against that marvel of modern engineering, we know what it is and according to Clarkson, the race has already taken place. We're looking forward to seeing the outcome when Top Gear returns later this year.

[Source: BBC via FinalGear]

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