Top Gear season 11: More races, more hijinks, more Sabine and a new character

The 11th season of Top Gear is being shot and cut as you read this, and according to Executive Producer Andy Wilman, significant changes are afoot.

The TG crew holed up in a hotel for a long day of brainstorming (naturally, Captain Slow got lost en route) and decided on a new format that includes shorter segments, a host-controlled, no-holds-barred news review and a new character, that, according to Wilman is, "a bit like the Stig, but not like the Stig, who hopefully does exciting stuff for everyone's amusement."

Upcoming segments include pitting the new Evo X against the WRX STI, running the Mercedes CLK Black around the track, "hopefully" driving the Mazda Furai, Clarkson's plan for improving British police cars, a shootout between the RS6 and a suicidal skier, and a car-based war with the Germans that involves Sabine behind the wheel.

While it all sounds like fun, the big news in an epic race that, "gets back to basics, more hardcore, mega car, mega opponent, with a solid premise." Wilman drops a hit: it's in Japan. Hmmm, what car was recently released in Japan that could possibly live up to hype? And what opponent could possibly go head-to-head with it? The comments section is officially open for speculation.

Thanks the tip Eric and Peter!

[Source: Top Gear]

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