Dealer selling Dodge Chargers branded "SRT-6"

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When is a Chrysler product branded as an SRT-6 not really an SRT-6? When it comes from Scott McCorkle's Liberty Dodge in Charlotte, NC. The dealership has created what it is referring to as a Dodge Charger SRT-6, though its fitted with just the standard 2.7 liter V6 engine and no performance mods. Also absent are the normal SRT-spec suspension, braking or interior refinements. So, what exactly is it that makes this vehicle qualify as an SRT? Umm, nothing; besides some cosmetic tweaks that range from new wheels to some leftover Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 badges, there is nothing at all with which to distinguish this model from a run-of-the-mill base model Charger. Sheesh, way to dilute the SRT brand, guys.

We would never suggest that making modifications to a stock vehicle is a bad thing. Far from it, in fact. We do, however, feel a bit bad for all the SRT engineers at Dodge who do an admirable job of taking a normal car and making it much, much better. When pressed, the dealership admits that what it's done amounts to nothing more than simple cosmetics, but we feel that they shouldn't have messed with the SRT badge in the process. Thanks for the tip, Bill!

[Source: Dodge Charger Forums]

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