Pics Aplenty: Prodrive-tuned Alfa Romeo Brera S

Click above for high-res gallery of the Alfa Brera S

We didn't need another reason to want an Alfa Romeo Brera, nor another excuse to ogle its breathtaking lines. But then Prodrive comes along, with all its racing and rallying know-how, and gave us the Brera S. The toughened-up version addresses some of the gorgeous coupe's performance shortfalls and makes us cry "it's not fair", because it isn't. A car so beautiful and now, thanks to David Richards and Company, so dynamically improved, should be ours, but unfortunately a little puddle called the Atlantic Ocean keeps that dream from becoming reality. So we'll just have to wait until Alfa Romeo finally makes the voyage Stateside, by which time the limited-edition Brera S will undoubtedly be all gone, and with good reason. We'll just have to console ourselves with this new batch of achingly gorgeous images, which we're glad to share with you in the gallery below.

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