NICE predicts electric car sales increase under new London mayor

Now that the city of London has voted out "red Ken" in favor of Conservative candidate Boris Johnson, it is expected that the congestion charge scheme may undergo some changes. One electric car company, NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine), is showing no fear and is sounding positive about the future with their new mayor. They are even predicting increased business in the coming year. Julian Wilford, co-founder of the London-based company, states, "We know that Boris recognises the many benefits of owning an electric car," in a press release that extends an invitation to the politician to give their shop a visit as well as discuss their upcoming plans. Perhaps they read his " colorful" opinion piece in the Telegraph in defense of that other London-centric electric car, the G-Wiz.

And what of those future plans? They plan on adding yet more models to their already-varied vehicle line-up which includes the Vectrix and Mega Multi Truck. For more a more detailed look into the future hit the jump for the press release.

Press Release:

NICE Car Company to introduce more clean car choices in Boris's London

London's electric car company NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) says it expects to build sales under new mayor Boris Johnson. That's thanks to a combination of exemption from the capital's congestion charge, free parking and growing concern among Londoners over the spiralling cost of petrol and diesel.

While the new mayor has said he will reform congestion charge, NICE believes owners of its Mega City car should continue to pay nothing to enter the zone. Small and pretty, the cars travel up to 40 mile on just one overnight charge, more than adequate for the majority of daily journeys. Crucially, they are also pollution-free; they emit no CO2, no NOX and no carbon monoxide.

"We know that Boris recognises the many benefits of owning an electric car," said Julian Wilford, co-founder of NICE cars. "But we also understand the importance of choice to the mayor – and to our customers. At the NICE Car Company we have the widest range of zero-emissions vehicles on the market and hope the new mayor will find time to visit our West London base to learn more."

Petrol and diesel now cost more than £5 a gallon which means around 14p per mile for an owner of a medium-sized car, capable of 35mpg. NICE owners pay around a tenth of that - just 1.5 p per mile. As Vehicle Excise Duty is also CO2-based, they also benefit from no annual road tax.

Launched at the British Motor Show in 2006, the NICE Car Company will be back at the ExCeL-based show from 23 July to 3 August this year. It will have a bigger stand, with several model launches. It will also reveal more about plans to have electric models in many different market segments by the end of the year.

In addition to motor show, NICE is looking forward to its first-ever SMMT Test Day on 22 May 2008. The Millbrook driving event will present an opportunity to launch a new car to the media, one of the first model launches by any participant at the event.

[Source: NICE]

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