BMW to raise prices by 1% to counter weak dollar

Most would argue that BMWs already flirt with being overpriced, though Munich would argue with you. The dollar's drop has hurt BMW's ability to earn a margin on each vehicle it sells in the United States, so prices will be bumped by one-percent beginning in June. BMW has taken a 17-percent whack in income for the first three months of 2008 as sales have slowed, the dollar weakened, low resale values, and bad debts have cost the luxury automaker. Though it's facing a slight slowdown due to those factors, a one-percent price increase is relatively modest, and shouldn't cause much consternation when it comes time to sign on the dotted line, though it makes the 135 that much more rareified. As long as it keeps vehicles like the M3 coming, we'll gladly let you pay more for your X6 -- we weren't getting one, anyway.
[Source: Bloomberg]

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