I'm sorry I put a dent in your car...

Don't you just hate it when you're idling around in the parking garage and there aren't any empty spaces? How do you feel when you spot somebody with a nice car who's purposely taken two spaces so that nobody can park next to their car? Yeah, pretty infuriating. Looks like somebody decided to do something about it, if the letter above is for real. In case you can't read it, here's what it says:

Dear person,

I'm sorry I put a dent in your car. I didn't want to, but I did when I tried to park next to you. I am not leaving my information because you chose to use two spaces and I just wanted to park in one. The scratches are because I used a towel that had sand on it to try to clean the dent/paint off. Beaches are fun.

Please look your car over for the dent and scratches and each time you see them, remember not to park in two spaces.


NOTE: We at Autoblog do not condone the denting of cars on purpose. Yes, beaches are fun.

[Source: Carscoop]

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