London to test fuel cell taxis in time for 2012 Olympic games

Aside from the traditional red double decker bus, the other iconic transportation image from London England is the classic black taxi. The purpose-built taxis have been use in London and other British cities for decades, trundling around powered by small noisy diesel engines. The current TX4 version is built by London Taxi International (LTI). LTI is partnering with Intelligent Energy, Lotus Engineering and TRW Conekt to build a test fleet of fuel cell powered London cabs. The fuel cell system provided by Intelligent Energy will fit into the engine compartment of the cab providing a maximum speed of 75mph and better acceleration than the standard diesel cab. Lotus will handle packaging and integration of the new electric drive system as well as the control systems to make it all work. TRW Conekt will handle the safety analysis, and testing of the controls, electrical systems and electronics. The goal is to have 50-100 fuel cell cabs operating on the streets of London before the 2012 Summer Olympic games take place there.

[Source: Intelligent Energy]

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