2010 Chevy Camaro caught in first stages of production

Click above for high-res gallery of the Camaro in production

We don't know how how someone got access to take these pictures or whether someone is getting in a lot of trouble as we speak, but they have infiltrated the internets overnight. So now we too bring you photos of the 2010 Camaro in its first stages of production. There are apparently two preproduction units on the line in these photos as we see the body shells advance from stage to stage and get molested by a dozens of potentially suicidal robots. In fact, not a single human can be found anywhere in these pictures, which is just as well considering the trouble GM's had with striking workers lately. As for where these pictures were taken, our best guess is GM's plant in Oshawa, Ontario since that's where actual production of the Camaro is scheduled to take place. Peruse the gallery below and see if you can pick out any interesting details we might've missed about the car. Thanks for the tip, everyone!

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