Rendered Speculation: Way out there Mazda RX-9

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The photo above looks too cool not to be a future RX-8 incarnation, but the rendering merely represents one Mazda fan's interpretation of the next Rotary-powered sports coupe. Forum poster Rhoadwh over at Fomoconews concocted the sweet-looking coupe after picking up on the most sensible parts of the Taiki and Furai concepts from this past year's auto circuit. Rhoadwh chose the front engine layout of the Taiki and the overall design theme of the completely badass Furai to make a race-ready RX-9 for the future.

Sure, this rendering is just one guy having fun, but we're with him in hoping that Mazda takes into account the outstanding design language used in the Taiki concept, and even more so the Furai. It's amazing what someone with Photoshop and a healthy dose of talent can do. Thanks for the tip, Mbuku!

[Source: Fomoconews]

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