General Motors partially opens Heritage Center to the public

One of the most amazing collections of historic cars anywhere is also one that very few people have ever seen. Since it's inception, the General Motors Heritage Center has never been open to the public. The center has a collection of nearly 800 cars of which about 200 are typically on display at any given time while others are loaned out to other museums or car shows. The facility includes 15,000 feet of racks filled with millions of pages of corporate archives documenting the first century of the company's history. The facility has been used for company meetings and special events occasionally opens to friends and family of employees and now GM is partially opening the doors to the Heritage Center. However, it won't be open to just anyone who wanders up to the front door of the non-descript building in a Sterling Heights MI business park. GM is making the facility available for car clubs and groups of 20 or more people. If you've got an event that you would like to hold at the Heritage Center send an email to the center for more information at gmhc -at-

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[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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