EVC re-launches website, accepting deposits on bikes

It appears as if the efforts of a new electric step-through scooter/motorbike company we first brought to your attention last Fall are finally about to bear some two-wheeled fruit. We have received word from EVC, Llc that they are now taking deposits (fully refundable) from those people who have previously made inquiries about their machines. The offer will be opened to the public if there is any remaining availability of the initial production run of 250 units after the initial contactees have had the opportunity to pursue the deal. According to the company, "Each bike will carry a limited edition badge that will identify it as one of the original product group." We all know the significance of owning the earliest production vehicles.

The Volta series is comprised of "three model lines of six product models" under the nomenclature. The Metro, The RoadKing and the X21 and can now be viewed at their newly-revamped website (note: the embedded video may not work well with Firefox so you may need to use Explorer). Specs are available for all the models there as well.

And speaking of specs, we were recently expressing some skepticism of the performance claims made by the head of EVC, Llc. In an interview with a CBS affiliate it was stated that the companies top-of-the-range Volta, presumably the X21 HP, could hit 175 mph. We've now heard back from the company's president, William Kent, who says of the statement, "Now I certainly meant to say 175 kilometers per hour, which is roughly 120 mph ( 108 mph to be exact) in the interview and have said as much to everyone who has asked." We suspect it may be that the "top speed" was calculated with pen and paper rather than on a long straight-a-way while wearing a helmet. It is hoped that, for the edification of our faithful readers, arrangements might be made for a few passes around a track somewhere to put the question to rest.

[Source: EVC, Llc]

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