The Electric Vehicle Company is set to introduce the Volta GT electric scooter

There could be some competition for the Vectrix electric maxi-scooter coming from imaginatively-named Electric Vehicle Company. Their scooter, known as the Volta GT, is expected to make its debut at the Alternative Car Expo on October 19th. The scooter will have a switch that will allow riders to select either a performance mode (allowing speeds of up to 70 mph) or a economy mode (allowing travel up to 70 miles). No details are given regarding battery type or price, but I have sent a request for more information.

From the pictures, we can see what looks like a typical maxi-scooter sporting features like disk brakes, a center-stand and a rear-rack for storage. According to this article, the scooter is expected to be available in the first quarter of '08. We'll see what (or, if) we hear back from the company to better understand how this scooter compares with the Vectrix.

[Source: EVC, LLC and BCBR, thanks Domenick!]

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