Diesels on the way out in Germany?

click above image for high-res gallery of the BMW 335i Convertible

Germany's Centre Automotive Research (CAR) at the college of Gelsenkirchen has commissioned a new study which seems to indicate the the market share for diesel vehicles in Germany has peaked. There are many reasons highlighted in the study, not the least of which is the rising cost of diesel fuel in Europe. Also under scrutiny is the shrinking efficiency difference between the average diesel vehicle and some of the newest high-tech gasoline powered cars and hybrids. Technology trends such as BMW's recent twin-turbocharging, as featured in popular models like the 335i (seen above), and Volkswagen's Twincharger system are narrowing the gap between gas and diesel power and mileage.

Also cited as a potential snag for diesel car owners is the resale value for diesel vehicles. Apparently, the cost increase association with the purchase of a new diesel vehicle doesn't translate into higher resale value. For these reasons and a few others, the CAR study, led by Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, forecasts a market share decrease of eight percent for diesel vehicles over the next decade or so. Could the U.S. actually make headway when it comes to the diesel disparity between it and Europe?

[Source: Just-Auto]

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